If I had to pick a favorite season, Spring would probably be it -- new Life & new Beginnings are all around. From the sweet, faint sound of a nest of newborn birds chirping, to the thunder and pouring rain of a powerful Spring thunderstorm, the world outside is changing from a drab blend of boring to a bursting rainbow of color.

The color that first comes to mind when I think of Spring is green, and I tend to create a few extra green items this time of year. The green items you can currently find listed in my shop include my hand-painted butterfly necklace, the teacher's gift apple locket, as well as the poppy necklace.

To me, green signifies life & new beginnings, and tends to encourage people to start something new. One of the new techniques I'm using this spring is painting original art on a transparent glass locket.

Summer / Fall

My next favorite season is a close battle between Summer and Fall.

When I think of Summer I think of hot sunny days at the beach, spending time with my family while the kids are on break from school, and the soothing sounds of nature harmonously saturating the outdoor world around us.

When I think of Fall I think of warm days and cool nights. Sleeping by an open window, feeling the cool breeze gently blowing accross my face reminds me of being a child. And I don't believe I've ever heard anyone say that they don't enjoy nature's fireworks as the leaves change from life-giving green to a myriad of beautiful, earthy colors each Fall.


And last but not least we have Winter.

Although Winter is at the bottom of my list of favorite seasons, there are still many things about Winter that I appreciate and enjoy, including visiting distant family members & old friends during the holidays, and snuggling under a blanket with my husband by a snap-crackling fire on a cold Winter's night.

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little more about me as a person, and I hope the things I've shared might help you to understand a little more about why you create some of the things that you create.

Have a Happy & Creative Day!
- Tammy